Vol 7, No 2 (2005)

Table of Contents


The Place Of River Type Power Plants In Turkey Hydroelectric Production PDF (Türkçe) PDF
The Evaluation Of The Views Of Science And Primary School Teachers On School Performance Evalution Management (Afyon-Erzurum Province Sample) PDF (Türkçe) PDF
Gürbüz OCAK, Süleyman KARATAŞ, İclal OCAK
The Effects Of Negativities From Class Circumstances And Residence To Student’s Success PDF (Türkçe) PDF
Ercan KAYA, Durmuş Ali BAL, Fatih SEZEK, Mustafa AKIN
The State Of Success Of The Candidates Who Applied To The Special Ability Exam Of Atatürk University, Kazim Karabekir And Erzincan Faculties Of Education, Department Of Fine Arts, Art Of Music Teaching In 2004-2005 Academic Year According To Cities And Re PDF (Türkçe) PDF
A Search Of Importance Of Biology Laboratory’ Usage And Difficulties That Occur During Biology Laboratory’ Usage As Respect Of Biology Teachers (Erzurum Province Sample) PDF (Türkçe) PDF
İjlal OCAK, Ersin KIVRAK, Esra ÖZAY
Les Problemes D’articulaton Aux Certains Des Eleves Lisant Au Secondaire Degre Des Ecoles De L’enseignement Primaire Erzincan PDF (Türkçe) PDF
The Investigation Of Atatürk University Kazim Karabekir And Erzincan Faculties Of Education, Department Of Fine Arts Education, Art Of Music Teaching In Terms Of Foundation And Development In The Process Of Training Music Teachers PDF (Türkçe) PDF
Learning Difficulties Of 5fh Class In Primary Education At Fraction: Ordering, Adding, Subtraction, Multiplication In Fraction And Problems Related To Fraction PDF (Türkçe) PDF
Yasin SOYLU, Cevat SOYLU

ISSN: 2148-7510