Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Erzincan University Faculty of Education Journal is a peer-reviewed journal which is published in Turkish or English twice a year and publishes the original scientific researches in the following major areas:Mathematics and Science Education, Computer and Instructional Technology Education, Physical Education and Sports, Sports Psychology, Movement and Exercise Science, Physical Activity and Physical Fitness, Sports Management and Recreation, Education, Sociology, Educational Psychology, Measurement and Evaluation, Biology Education, Geography Education, Educational Philosophy, Music Education, Early-childhood Education, Special Education, Chemistry Education, Physical Education, Social Sciences, History Education, Turkish Education, Foreign Language Education, Adult Education, Fine Arts and Arts Education, Turkish Language and Literature Education, Education Management, Reviewing, Planning and Economics, Guidance and Counselling, Educational Programs and Instruction, Vocational and Technical Education, Public Education, Lifelong-learning, Educational Law, Educational Economy, History of Education, Educational Philosophy, Teaching Processes, Research Methods in Education, Social Studies Education, Primary Education.

The audiences of this journal are teachers, educators, administrative, pre-service teachers, students and educational experts.

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e ISSN:2148-7758

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Section Policies


Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Checked Peer Reviewed


Unchecked Open Submissions Checked Indexed Unchecked Peer Reviewed

Peer Review Process

Article Sending Process and Evaluation

1.         The articles submitted must not be published in any journal before or sent to anywhere to publish. But the proceeding papers which are presented in an academic convention and are not published in the book can be published in the journal by providing a footnote mentioning the name of convention, its place and date.

2.         Articles should be prepared according to “Erzincan University Faculty of Education Journal Author Guidelines”.

3.         All processes about the article sent to the journal are conducted online.

4.         The articles firstly reviewed by the editors in terms of aim, topic, content, suitability to general publication rules and formats. Rejected articles sent to the authors.

5.         The articles accepted by the editors are sent to at least two independent referees.

6.         The articles accepted by two referees are accepted by the journal to publish. If both referees reject the article, it is not published in the journal. If one of the referees has a negative opinion about the publication, the article is sent to another referee. The decision about the publication of the article is given according to the third referee’s opinion.

7.         Decisions such as no need for any revision (acceptance), publish after revising the article according to the sides mentioned in the referee report (Acceptance), re-peer check after the revision of the article according to the sides mentioned in the referee report (Revision), reject the article to publish (Rejection) are given according to the referees’ reports on the article. The last decision given according to referee reports is delivered to the author or authors in maximum 3 months.

8.         If the referees’ want revision about the article, revision should be made in maximum 1 month by the author. The articles needing revision are not published without receiving the revision from the author or authors.

9.         Accepted article’s copyright is given to the Erzincan University Faculty of Education Journal. The author or authors are responsible for all issues about the ideas and scientific ethics in the article and any responsibility cannot be given to the Erzincan University Faculty of Education Journal.

10.     No copyright payment is given to the author or authors about the publication of the article.


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